Victor Caplan's story

This is not what our boy looked like for most of his life.

In June, 2013, we found out that Victor was going to die from a horrible form of brain-stem cancer called DIPG. There is no known cause and no effective treatment except radiation, which is only a temporary reprieve for some patients, but which did not seem to help Victor. For the next eleven months we watched our son lose the ability to walk, talk, swallow, move, and eventually, breathe, and were powerless to help him, except to love him and take care of him the best we could.

Try to imagine being a 6 year old boy and waking up every morning to realize that you're still unable to move and not getting better.

Try to imagine watching your 6 year old boy endure this horror.

Despite everything, Victor went to elementary school for most of the first grade, answering questions by moving his eyes up and down for "yes" or side to side for "no".

Victor turned 7 in March, 2014; he died 2 months later. We miss him so much.